Our House Call Doctors

At present, we have more than 400 qualified doctors in the House Call Doctor team giving their best after-hours medical treatment to patient.

House Call Doctor’s qualifications?

Our House Call Doctor team is recognized with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to give medical care services. All these doctors are registered and qualified with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Registering with this agency is a must requirement of the Medical Board of Australia.

We have a panel of medical directors who help our home doctors and supervise matters of clinical governance.

Who are our home doctors?

We have our doctors from popular countries including United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, Canada and United States. They all are faithful in giving their best after-hours medical care and after hours gp.

These professional doctors are specialised in different areas including general practice, geriatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, emergency medicine, surgery and psychiatry. Most of our doctors are specialised in general practice almost 120 of them.

To ensure the best treatment skills, our doctors have at least 2 year of experience after graduation and many of them have 4 year of excellent experience. We have 65 associates in the home doctor team at House Call Doctor.

Home doctor as a profession

Doing home doctor job can be turned into a profession. One of our doctor Ryan one has been part of our House Call Doctor since 2015. Now, he is working as an Assistant Medical Director in Brisbane. He works in a local clinic as general practitioner as well as delivers after-hours medical care. He is specialized in paediatrics and giving medical care to the children of far-off areas abroad.

He thinks that working as a home doctor feels much better than working as a general practitioner as it’s a complete different experience.

Doing job at House Call Doctor gives you flexibility and provide work life balance. Every time, you will face different type of patient each giving a new experience which is most worthy in this field.

Be part of our team

If you want to join our team then we always have a place for you at House Call Doctor. You will enjoy working as a home doctor. We will provide you with every important provision so that you can deliver your best patient medical care.

Want a doctor

You can have your home doctor by dialing 13 55 68. You can also download our app to book easily and also visit our website.