How to avoid relapse?

Addiction can’t resolve easily, and it takes a lot of time to get away from the habit. When you are going to quit alcohol, then it’s obvious that problems will arise. Depend our life on anything means we are comfortable towards it and depending on is the second name of addiction. Addiction is our comfort zones where we feel relax, and alcohol is that comfortable zone which helps the people to take away all their worries.

Those who want to leave alcohol face many problems, relapse is one of them. Relapse takes the person back to his bad habit and makes them more addict to it.  People who are trying to quit alcohol should know the relapse definition which helps them to get away from relapse.

Methods which helps to get rid of relapse

  • Change your company

Leave those friends who are indulging in the company. Once you decided to leave the habit of drinking and drugs, you must change your routine life first and make a daily routine. When you feel that you have left your addiction properly then in few months, you can go into your previous company.

  • Never visit places

Those places always encourage you to have drinks one more time. Addiction is the dependency on anything so never visit that place where you find your dependency. Such areas are like bars, dance clubs, etc.


You can take your life in both the right and wrong direction. Even if you are thinking to quit your addiction then don’t take tensions about relapse. When you understand the relapse definition, then you will realize that relapse is normal because it is not easy to move back from your addiction. You should recommit again to quit drinking and restart your life in a right direction.